Welcome to the jungle



About time I elaborated on the life out in the field. Let’s start from head to toe: The digs    I started out work in my light hiking boots, which promptly shed their… Continue reading

Hopping Islands

St. Lucia has eighteen offshore islands– nineteen if you count Pigeon Island, which was filled in so it could be accessed by road.  A handful of them are wildlife reserves, some are snorkel… Continue reading

Rum, sweat, and feathers

St. Lucia Carnival, 2012!  Whew.  Here’s some music to set the mood: Gallop by Soca Skyo. I’ll leave the description of the day to the pictures, but first let me explain how Carnival… Continue reading

Chicks, man

A post devoted to thrasher chicks: grumpy squeekers and wriggling peepers alike.  Updated weekly.  


Our work on the golf range has shifted from finding new nests to banding white breasted thrashers at recently found and GPS’ed nests.  Banding allows us to distinguish birds and to identify how… Continue reading

A little American Driving

Our first week was a crash course in touring St. Lucia.  I say that somewhat tongue in cheek since there was potential for a few crashes on the road– our friend turned tour guide… Continue reading


A gal’s best friend in the jungle is her cutlass.  And this lass just got her first!  Just under three feet long and curved to point, this baby is pretty handy out in… Continue reading

Hello world! And good day

When you’re greeted by someone in St. Lucia, it’s rarely without a polite “hello” and a “good morning.”  Perhaps the slight formality of the greetings here has roots in the former British ascendancy… Continue reading